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Automatic Delivery

Most of our customers are on automatic delivery. Based on your usage and tank size, we schedule your deliveries to ensure they are delivered in a timely manner so no run-out occurs.

Consistent filling of your propane tank helps you avoid getting one large bill when your tank gets too low, and prevents you from running out of gas. Running out of fuel is expensive, inconvenient, and not healthy for your propane system and appliances.

We recommend the automatic delivery cycle so you never have to worry.

As an added bonus, Automatic Delivery customers always receive a 5ยข per gallon discount!!


Vickery Propane Serves the Following Communities

Livingston Texas  •  Goodrich Texas  •  Onalaska Texas  •  Leggett Texas
Rye Texas  •  Blanchard Texas  •  Pointblank Texas  •  Schwab City Texas
Ace Texas  •  Sengo Texas  •  Votow Texas  •  Seratoga Texas
Moss Hill Texas  •  Cleveland Texas  •  Shepherd Texas   •  Big Sandy Texas
Midway Texas  •  Woodville Texas  •  Hardin Texas  •  Daisetta Texas
Hull Texas  •  Liberty Texas  •  Dayton Texas  •  Sour Lake Texas


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